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When Carolyn Walton, journalist and mother of four, pitched her first travel story to the Ottawa Citizen, recounting her adventures in Rio de Janeiro, little did she realize that she was about to embark on a remarkable career that would span the globe.

Her travels would take her from the jungles of the Amazon to St. Petersburg palaces, a pilgrimage in France, ports on the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas and on voyages to the South Pacific ocean. Tread the path less taken, as the author swims with stingrays in Tahiti, kayaks among belugas in Hudson Bay and deep-sea dives through schools of phosphorescent groupers in the Bahamas.

Lapland finds her dining high above the Arctic Circle on smoked reindeer meat, while in Australia’s Outback, she drinks boiled billy tea by the billabong, and in Italy, learns to make stuzzichini in an ancient Tuscan castle.

This collection of tales and misadventure takes the travel lover on an engaging and often humorous journey to the heart of some sixty bucket list destinations around the globe.

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Carolyn Walton

An award-winning journalist and photographer living on Vancouver Island on Canada’s Pacific Coast, Carolyn Walton’s travel stories have appeared in newspapers and magazines across Canada, including environmental features in Harrowsmith, Nature Canada and Canadian Geographic. Her book, ‘DIARY OF A MAD TRAVEL WRITER; Discovery & Misadventure on the Path Less Taken is available for order.

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